Do I Really Need A Pool Table Mover?

dark pool hallPool table guys, who needs them? I’m sure people wonder all the time: why can I just move my pool table myself? Which is a good idea right? I mean we move other heavy things from our house. All I have to do is call a couple of buddies and back up the pick up truck. As long as it fits in the bed and I have enough straps or rope we’re good to go. I’ve moved the refrigerator before, a big screen TV, couches, whole bedroom as a matter fact. So why should I move my own pool table? The answer is simple, because it will break if you move it all in one piece. The slate may break the legs may break, or even the side rails me break. And replacing these types of things are expensive. Why would you want to do that to yourself? I’ll tell you why because some people are dumb. And some people are cheap, and they like to pay for it in the end.

eight ball on silkBut if you take a step back and look at it the smart thing to do and the less expensive way would be just to hire professional pool table mover. These guys are actually pretty awesome. All in one afternoon they can come to your house and disassemble the pool table that includes removing the felt and removing the slate and removing the legs and packing it all up and moving into your new place. Once your pool tables at your new place they start to put it all back together again. First they put the legs back on, then they put the slate back on. Once the slave is on they start the leveling process, and then they fill-in the scenes where the slate fits together. Now time to wrap up the cloth again if you’re smart you get the cloth replaced and have brand-new felt to play on. You can even go one step further and have the rubber rails replaced, now that’s living it up. Once all that’s done they do the fine-tuning and find leveling. Once your pool tables all put back together they’re out the door and on the way. Stop for you and some buddies to knock down some cold ones over a good game of pool.

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The Art Of Pool Table Moving

Getting a pool table mover is some what science and some what of an art

There are good reasons that you should not try to move your own pool table, one being is that you are probably going to end up breaking it. Another reason that you don’t want to move your own pool table is that it is very heavy. A pool table is very expensive, why would you want to risk a do-it-yourself maneuver on a $2000 piece of furniture when you can hire a good local pool table moving company to do it for you. These local Pool table movers usually are bonded and carry insurance. They usually do a pool table move at least once a day so they are very experienced in the entire process of billiards table moving and other Billiards services. A pool table mover can also replace the felt on your pool table if needed. Check out pool table moving tips here.


beautiful pool table with a red topWhen your pool table is being moved

it is also the optimum time to have the felt replaced if it needs it. A good Billiards service will also expert level your tabletop so that you have a completely level playing field to enjoy your next game of billiards with friends. A good pool table service will also be able to replace any pockets that may be worn from the years of play. So there are many advantages to hiring a local Billiards company to help you with moving your pool table. You may also need to replace the rails the rails are part of the rubber cushioning on the sides of the pool table top in which the pool cue and balls bounce off of. As time goes on the rubber rails get old and stiffen up and lose their balance. You might experience dead spots on your rails were they don’t bounce off as they should. This will not give you a good playing surface. You can replace the rails with new ones and you can even upgrade the material.


pool table balls close-upGood German made rubber rails

will increase the long activity and the playing consistency of your pool table. These are highly recommended items that you replace one having your pool table moved.. You can also go with upgrades on the felt and on the pockets as well. All these things will give you years and years of fine playing experience with your billiards table. So why would you want to have you and some friends attempt to move your own billiards table, that would just be ridiculous. You guys would probably break it in several different places. First of all you could break the wooden frame that the pool table is built out of or you could break the slate that creates the tabletop. Replacing a piece of slate can be costly not only for the slate itself but to have a professional come out and reinstall it and seem up the beads and also re-level to table.

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